Our rooms

  • Topi Lodge rates

  • Single, double/twin or triple room

  • En-suite with warm water showers

  • Spacious rooms

  • Private veranda



Come stay in one of our spacious cottages at Topi Lodge by Ishasha, we offer comfortable accommodation by Queen Elizabeth national park's southern Ishasha sector. From the big veranda you can enjoy the lovely views before settling in for the night in our comfortable beds. We have rooms that can be set up as a twin, double or single room as well as a triple bed option. Attached to each bed is a mosquito net with a door for easy access to keep you safe from mosquito bites.

We have used local materials, beautiful kitenge fabrics and local crafts to decorate the rooms to give you a peaceful place to rest. So that you can organize your things you will find hangers as well as a luggage stand in the room at Topi Lodge by Ishahsa.

All our rooms are self-contained having a spacious bathroom with shower with warm water. There is electricity provided by solar power in all rooms so that you can charge your phones and cameras without problem.  Each room has a veranda with seats for you to enjoy the views and relax as you get ready for your adventures in Ishasha.

Welcome to spend a night at our lovely lodge by Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park.